Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 无法添加计算机的问题

今天装了个Ubuntu 10.04 LTS,完全是为了体验传说中的 Ubuntu One……



到第七步时死活找不到 “Add this Computer button” 这个按钮,郁闷了挺久。

还好在他们的 WIKI 中有人提到这个问题:


Monday, May 3, 2010 at 14:32 UTC: Problems adding a computer: Some users have reported problems adding their computers to sync with their Ubuntu One personal cloud. Please review this FAQ item for assistance.


Some users have reported problems with finding the “Add Your Computer” button in this process. We believe this is due to the Ubuntu One Preferences application (step 1) not launching your default web browser (quickly enough… or at all) in order to proceed to step 2. If performing step 1 does not open your web browser (or a new tab if you already have a browser open) within a few seconds, please

  1. close the Ubuntu One Preferences application window (if it’s already open)
  2. open your Terminal (located in Applications >> Accessories)

  3. and type the following:

 u1sdtool -q; killall ubuntuone-login; u1sdtool -c

This should force a web browser to open and put you at step 2 of the process. This is temporary measure so users can get up and running quickly. We will implement a more permanent fix for this problem soon.

明显是这个版本的一个BUG,还好可以用命令行方式补救,期待修复 ……


速度很不理想,继续用我的 dropbox 吧 🙂


Ubuntu One
Ubuntu One

— EOF —


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