xdelta: Windows 下大文件比较(diff/patch)工具

Unix/Linux 系统下的 diff 和 patch 工具真的非常好用!
但是在 Windows 下似乎没有很好的替代工具(装 MinGW 方式除外)。

如果只是比较小文件,其实 Windows 下不缺工具,Beyond Compare、DiffMerge、UltraCompare,Tortoise SVN 也带有一个文件比对工具。
但是如果要对比两个 2G 的文件,90% 的工具都要废了,貌似他们都喜欢把要比对的文件完全加载到内存中,然后做可视化的比对。

最后找到的 xdelta 这个工具可以满足我的要求,项目地址:


E:\soft>xdelta3.0z.x86-32.exe –help
Xdelta version 3.0z, Copyright (C) 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, Joshua MacDonald
This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
under certain conditions; see “COPYING” for details.
usage: xdelta3 [command/options] [input [output]]
make patch:

xdelta3.exe -e -s old_file new_file delta_file

apply patch:

xdelta3.exe -d -s old_file delta_file decoded_new_file

special command names:
config prints xdelta3 configuration
decode decompress the input
encode compress the input
test run the builtin tests
special commands for VCDIFF inputs:
printdelta print information about the entire delta
printhdr print information about the first window
printhdrs print information about all windows
recode encode with new application/secondary settings
merge merge VCDIFF inputs (see below)
merge patches:

xdelta3 merge -m 1.vcdiff -m 2.vcdiff 3.vcdiff merged.vcdiff

standard options:
-0 .. -9 compression level
-c use stdout
-d decompress
-e compress
-f force (overwrite, ignore trailing garbage)
-h show help
-q be quiet
-v be verbose (max 2)
-V show version
memory options:
-B bytes source window size
-W bytes input window size
-P size compression duplicates window
-I size instruction buffer size (0 = unlimited)
compression options:
-s source source file to copy from (if any)
-S [djw|fgk] enable/disable secondary compression
-N disable small string-matching compression
-D disable external decompression (encode/decode)
-R disable external recompression (decode)
-n disable checksum (encode/decode)
-C soft config (encode, undocumented)
-A [apphead] disable/provide application header (encode)
-J disable output (check/compute only)
-T use alternate code table (test)
-m arguments for “merge”
the XDELTA environment variable may contain extra args:
XDELTA=”-s source-x.y.tar.gz” \
tar –use-compress-program=xdelta3 \
-cf target-x.z.tar.gz.vcdiff target-x.y


— EOF —


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