mount: unknown filesystem type ‘ext2’

今天改了一下 Linux 内核配置,编译好后要 cp 到 /boot 下,因此挂载了 /boot,结果命令提示出错:

# mount /dev/sda1 /boot
mount: unknown filesystem type ‘ext2’


和这位老外朋友遇到的情况一样,直接把文件系统转成 ext3 就可以了:

I usually make my boot partition ext2 because it doesn’t stay mounted and doesn’t get written to unless i’m installing a new kernel or tweaking the options like vga=0×317 or whatever. So having a journal is a waste and it may as well just be ext2. But strangely enough, when I boot, grub sees the boot partition, grub.conf, and the kernel and loads with no problem. But when I try to mount /dev/sda1 from a shell it doesn’t seem to know what i’m talking about! I can mount ext3 and other file systems just fine, but not ext2? I could dig around in the kernel config and figure out what’s missing, but that really didnt matter in this case, so here’s the quick and easy fix with no fishy side effects:

mygentoo ~ # tune2fs -O has_journal /dev/sda1

Now I can mount it from bash just fine… well, that was weird.

— EOF —


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